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True Fans - Summit Cologne Soap
True Fans - Summit Cologne Soap
An exclusive fragrance created specifically for Dan Austin in celebration of his film, book, and real-life adventure -- True Fans.

True Fans tells the tale of three pilgrims' 4800-mile bike ride across American. The men wanted to see if their country was as good as they believed it to be and deliver a basketball, signed by heroic folks along the way, to the Basketball Hall of Fame. In the process, while traveling over the Rocky Mountains, an idea for a cologne line was born.

True Fans - Summit Cologne Soap is composed of a luxurious blend of goat's milk, shea butter, and other vegetable-based oils. Each bar is 4.3 oz.

The fragrance is complex. Imagine a blend of cedarwood, sage, and fir with added hints of oakmoss, sandalwood, lemon, and eucalyptus. Or, simply imagine breathing in the surrounding air and beauty while sitting on top of a Rocky Mountain pass.

Each soap is wrapped in a description of the story of True Fans and includes a map of the 4800-mile journey on the backside.

To learn more about True Fans, visit www.TrueFans.com

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